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    This post will be updated with the latest fixes.


    • Fixed a character loading issue associated with the previous macro fix.


    • You can create and leave an expedition now.
    • Fixed the portal to a mini dungeon at Young Tree Forest.


    • Bigfoot toe has been added to the drop table.


    • The ride from Singapore from Kerning has been fixed.
    • The portal to the cake n' pie event has been disabled.
    • Macro's will no longer be removed when using basic actions.
    • The pirate PQ spawn rate has been fixed.
    • The drop table has been adjusted to reflect some community concerns.


    • Added the Christmas Event.


    • Cherry will transport you to Orbis<Victoria Bound> from Victoria Island.
    • The Subway attendant will transport you to New Leaf City now without error.
    • An overpowered item has been replaced with the correct version, in all stores.
    • Using the portal in Kerning City to Abandoned Construction Site will function properly now.
    • Fixed an exploit with cash packages.
    • Fixed Crane transportation from Mu Lung to Orbis.
    • Removed meso bag/sacks from the cash shop.
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