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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Catastr0phy, Nov 21, 2018.

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    Oct 11, 2018
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    Name: Catastr0phy

    IGN: Catastrophy

    Age: 27

    Timezone: Central European Time

    Location: The Netherlands

    What languages do you speak fluently?: English, Dutch

    Tell us about yourself:
    Hi I'm Catastr0phy. It could be usefull to tell that I have a job in sports and education, I'm getting married next year june and we have 2 very ticklish cats. my time that's not spend with irl responsibilities I like to play games quite a fair bit. As first generation computer gamer I've tried a fair amount of games. Somehow I always end up playing maplestory again. I'm not touching official maplestory anymore since EMS shut down, as I know it's in my character to aim for the best and it would include spending a ridicilous amount of money. Thats where I ended up looking for private servers. As I've gotten older I ended up being staff on servers that I played on to help out. None of these were on maplestory servers though.

    Have you played the official Maplestory?:
    Started on GMS for about a year and a half, eventually nexon made people switch to EMS so went there.

    How long did you play?:
    Think I started early 2004 or late 2003. Somewhere had to switch to EMS, where I went quite hardcore on. Including breaks I played that until my server (demethos) had to fuse with the other server. Thats where I quit for good. I believe it's around the 2014 mark. After that I didn't want to blow any more money and went on to minecraft (don't blame me! I like community based things!)

    Do you have previous experience as a Staff member on any private server game(s):

    Minecraft, 2 servers. 1 where I worked my way up from helper all the way to admin and eventually co-owner. after that server went down due to issues irl of the other owner I started up my own server.

    How long did you work there?:
    first server for about half a year, my own server for about 2/3th of a year.

    Reasons for end of that role:
    1st server went down, my own server was simply because competetion was advancing faster and players shifted there. Needed a estimated $2000 bump on advertising and plugin creation to make it profitable and give us the advantage. Chose not to pay that kind of money and gave away the server.

    Summarize your experience in said role:
    Working in different roles as staff gave me plenty of opportunity to gain experience in working online with people. I do it for a dayjob already as I'm managing about 60 adults and 200 kids. However it was slightly different due to it being online. Just the fact that you can't see or know eachother irl gave different reactions from people then in real life. It was a great experience to help people with problems, making protocols for other staff, making short and long term plans and managing staff and community. Learned quite a fair bit about the backend of a server aswell. As I'm a perfectionist and really can get stuck into tasks, I learned about almost anything that I could do to get a server running on the 'technical' part. Only things I didnt learn was coding and how to manage the hardware.

    Proof (If you have any...) :
    I'll gladly provide it in a personal message as it's quite a fair bit.

    What skills or qualities will you bring to the Ariku team?:
    I have many skills that could be very usefull to Ariku. Probably my biggest skill is what I do for a living: Managing. I deal with people constantly so example-behaviour, discission-making and being clear in communication are all must have skills that I possess. Also due to my job and experiences on servers I'm excellent as analytical-thinker, problem solving, creating protocols and managing expectations. As former pro-football(soccer one) player I'm very disciplined and always striving to be or give the best I can.

    What do you believe makes a good Game Master?:
    Everything I do, is because I'm a helper. I love helping people out any way I can. And I believe I have the skills and experience to help out community and staff. Also the times I can be online is a big advantage. My job is in the afternoon and evening, wich is why I mostly play when the americans are asleep.

    Why do you want to work with us?:
    Like I said, I love helping out and I have the tools for it. Normally I never apply to anything, but previous chats with Maxcloud have shown me that there's a good human trying to make a fun and good community based server for people. As I'm playing on it myself, and the server seems short on staff but big in dreams, I'd love to help out on a project like this.

    If you have any questions,want more information or need any clarification on anything, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    Yours truly,
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    Dec 20, 2017
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    Approved. Please message me on discord when you have a moment.
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