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    Minnesota, US
    What languages do you speak fluently?:
    English. Can speak some Spanish.
    Tell us about yourself:
    I moved around a lot as a child... not much from my childhood that's significant. From the ages of 15 to 23, I worked at McDonald's with 5 of those years as management. I'm currently going to college for a business management degree. On Saturdays I do bartending classes at the MN School of Bartending. I have a wild passion for music. I enjoy horror films, doctor dramas, law enforcement dramas (such as SVU, Quantico), and sitcoms are my fav... oh, and I looooove South Park! Haha.

    Have you played the official Maplestory?:
    How long did you play?:
    Hmm, 2005 until... whenever Mechanics were released in GMS. Then took a break until Jett came out, then stopped playing.

    Do you have previous experience as a Staff member on any private server game(s):
    LocalMS (v55, GM)
    MapleGenesis (GM)
    LocalMS (v62, GM)
    AmoriaMS (v62, owned)
    How long did you work there?:
    Several months at each.
    Reasons for end of that role:
    Each closed down. C&D from Nexon.
    Summarize your experience in said role:
    Primarily GMing. Did a little deving and scripting for AmoriaMS. Did a lot of map editing.
    Proof? (If you have any...) :
    Oh Lordy, no. This was years ago. I just recently started back in the private server scene. I'm currently working on porting miscellaneous maps to an offline v83 server I have. I almost have GMS176+ Zipangu completely ported over. This is solely a hobby for me. Boredom.

    What skills or qualities will you bring to the Ariku team?:
    I have management experience in my work life. I'm a quick learner, very adaptable to people and change. I'm stern, but can still have fun and am fair. I would say I've easy to get along with.

    By the way, communication is a BIG thing for me!
    What do you believe makes a good Game Master?:
    See above. Honest, fair, communicative, stern when necessary, very professional, customer-service orientated and a tremendous amount of experience in said field, flexible when necessary!
    Why do you want to work with us?:
    I've never understood the hate that came with the Big Bang update, sure, I quit around that time but that was due to graduating high school, working full-time, and just not having the time for MapleStory at that time. I'm playing a higher version post-BB private server from time-to-time still! (But I wouldn't let that interfere with the time I can and need to put into Ariku!)

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