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    Nov 22, 2018
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    Name: - Ahmet (most call me Met)

    IGN: - currently started new (OvvO - rogue)

    Age: - 26

    Timezone: - UTC +3:00 Istanbul (Turkey)

    Location: - Turkey

    What languages do you speak fluently?: - Primary: English, Secondary: Turkish (but as good as English)

    Tell us about yourself: - I am currently a Software Engineer uni student in Turkey. I love gaming, so i usually have about 5-10 hours of game time (depends on the day). I love to help out others at school even when I am busy (can't say no to people in need). The last sentence was not to seem like I'm trying too hard to get position because I am actually looking for a good community for a ms private server. So even if I don't get accepted I will continue helping out others once i get the hang of the server. I have already finished one university in the U.S. (neurology, microbiology, bio-chem [triple major]) and stopped studying med school in my second year (family reasons - so i came to Turkey). My enjoyment in life is to make others happy, so if I can be of use to you guys even if it means "working" 8 hours a day for this server, i will do my best, and if things don't go according to plan you may do as you wish.

    Have you played the official Maplestory?: Yes
    Type: - (E.G GMS): Both GMS as well as EMS
    How long did you play?: - since 2006 until 2015 took a year break and came back

    Do you have previous experience as a Staff member on any private server game(s): -yes
    Games: - Equinox (Owner), Elision (i am coder btw), MapleDestiny (back in 2013), CelinoMS (w/ lightpepsi 2010), KissMS, ExcaliburMS, ElliniaMS (GM), IntrinsicMS (Intern)
    How long did you work there?: - each server was about 1-2 years
    Reasons for end of that role: - server shut down
    Summarize your experience in said role: - I sometimes helped developer with some coding, but overall I was normal GM helping out people with ignorance (answers were found on forums)
    Proof (If you have any...) :? - I am using a new PC since I currently moved to Turkey so all my files are in the US. (you can ask owners or co-owners like chris (intrinsic) for proof if need be)

    What skills or qualities will you bring to the Ariku team?: - Overall, I would be active and actually have something to do rather than play League of Legends. I will help out new players if they needed assistance, resolve issues such as hackers, or people that argue in-game to a point where KSing starts. I do not like to ban people directly, no matter how toxic they are (unless they are hacking of course). I don't know if there are any other applicants with similar timezones to mine, but if not I believe that I can be a good asset with my area of skills.

    What do you believe makes a good Game Master?: - Always listen to the other person before making judgement (listen to both ends of the situation). Set your priorities (being organized). Being patient is important especially if a superior authority is needed before making a decision (of course, minor actions will be made until then - to smoothen the situation). Being active on Discord, in-game, as well as forums.

    Why do you want to work with us?: - My primary reason is to gain experience. Each private server I previously worked at gave me experience so that the next time I was a GM, I knew how to handle a certain situation. Aside from this, I want to see if I can be of any use to the programmers on specific parts of coding (currently know C++, C#, Python, and learning Java atm). I have a lot of free time, and if I can be of any use, then we will be hitting 2 birds with one stone.
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    Approved. Please message me on discord when you have a moment.
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