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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Trendius, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Name: Joshi/Trendius/Suns

    IGN: Asda

    Age: 23

    Timezone: GMT+10:30DST (Adelaide, Australia)

    Location: South Australia

    What languages do you speak fluently?: English.

    Tell us about yourself: Hey there Arikuians, Joshi(Suns) up in here. I've been hopping around the private server scene since my early teens, now 23 with a bunch of kids. I hope to lead you all into a better day! Through interpretive dance! NOTREALLY!! I just want to make friends, be an awesome guy and throw my kids at you, I don't bite, but they do. Honestly though, I just want to have a good time playing the mushroom game with you all. It's been far too long since a long lasting server was release that actually catches my eye and keeps me interested. Here's hoping Ariku sticks around for at least a few years!

    Have you played the official Maplestory?:
    Type: GMS, MSEA, EMS
    How long did you play?: 2007-current, although I barely ever get on the official servers anymore.

    Do you have previous experience as a Staff member on any private server game(s): Head Game Master.
    Games: Maplestory Servers, AriesMS, NovusMS, VictoriaMS(all Elluel Network) Other MS servers over the course of the last 7 years or so.
    How long did you work there?: Elluel Network, total time was about 3 years give or take.
    Reasons for end of that role: Discrepancies against the owner, who stopped actively caring about the community and preferred to think of them as his own personal piggy bank.
    Summarize your experience in said role: Over the course of my time at ElluelNetwork, namely AriesMS. I was assigned the role of Head Game Master, it was my job to keep a close eye on the staff under me, which consisted of Interns, Game Masters and community helpers. I was the eyes for the Owner/Admin of the server, ears too if you believe in that kind of stuff. I was in charge of hiring and firing staff members at the same time. Events were left to the Game Masters and Interns, however I was known to host bingo constantly throughout the day. Other duties were involved but I don't think packet sniffing GMS is going to affect a v95 server all that much.
    Proof (If you have any...) :? Any proof is available on demand when asked, feel free to ask.

    What skills or qualities will you bring to the Ariku team?: I bring a professional mind set, experience both in game and out of game as a manager. (I managed a bar for 3 years). As well as a community driven attitude to the plate. As well as excellent written and verbal communication skills, which can be used to your advantage if you need someone to write up extensive feature lists, advertisements or anything of the sort.

    What do you believe makes a good Game Master?: A good Game Master, should always act in a professional and unbiased manner towards whatever situation is thrown their way. Never should they take one side in an argument as they have to be able to consider that both parties are in the wrong. As well as helping whenever and wherever possible within the community, providing information to new players. Having knowledge of how to trouble shoot issues within the game is also helpful in this. If it's part of the staff rules then Game Masters should also host regular events to bring the community together.

    Why do you want to work with us?: I miss aiding the community, being a part of something greater than just myself. Honestly, I want to stick around Ariku, and if the community grows(Which I hope it does) I want to be there helping that happen. I'm also an experienced WZ editor if that is ever needed. However I mostly just want to be part of the Ariku team to help Max wherever he needs me. Give me a shot and you wont be disappointed.

    P.S. I have experience as a Forum Administrator on top of all of this. Not that you need any more. Just a little bit extra.

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